Wanda Mouzon

Wanda received a B.S. in Microbiology from The University of Alabama in 1976 followed by a B.S. in Medical Technology in 1977. She is registered with The American Society of Clinical Pathology and The American Society of Microbiology in the area of Clinical Microbiology and Public Health. Her experience in the field includes twenty years in various hospital laboratories serving as staff technologist, research assistant, Department Supervisor, Laboratory Director and Reference Lab Marketing Tech.

In 1998 she left the field of medicine to join her husband Steve in his architecture business. She handles general office management and marketing functions for the firm. In 2007 Wanda completed the Residential Planning program from The Art Institute and in 2010 she completed The Principles and Practice of New Urbanism from the University of Miami.

Julia Starr Sanford
Founder and Architect
Board of Directors, New Urban Guild Foundation

Gil Lyons
Co-Founder, New Urbanist Developer and Senior Real Estate Executive

Bob Chapman
Co-Founder, New Urbanist Developer

Board of Directors
Galina Tachieva, Director of Town Planning, DPZ
Steve Mouzon, Traditional Architect, Founder of the New Urban Guild
Eric Moser, Traditional Architect
Dan Slone, Land Use and Environmental Defense Attorney
Joel Embry, New Urbanist Developer
Arvid Pedersen, Energy Efficiency Engineer
Lester Abberger, Governmental Affairs
Beau Frail, Academic Architecture
Wanda Mouzon, Biologist and Member of the New Urban Guild
David Brewer
, Scientist and Engineer
Josephine Brewer, Educator

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