Lester Abberger

Lester Abberger is a senior consultant to the D.A. Davidson investment banking firm, managing partner of Florida Lobby Associates, vice president of Hometown Neighborhoods, a new urbanist real estate consulting and development concern, and managing partner of Call Street Capital LLP. He serves on the corporate boards of Fuhlberg Koch Architects and M and S Banks. Lester is president of 1000 Friends of Florida and chairman of the Florida Conservation Campaign and the Trust for Public Land’s Florida Advisory Council. He serves on the boards of the Florida Humanities Council, the Leon County Public Library System, the Museums of Florida History, the Trust for Public Land’s National Leadership Council, and The Conservation Campaign. He serves on the editorial board of the Tallahassee Democrat and is a frequent commentator on state budget and fiscal policy for Florida Public Radio. He is also a trustee of the National Trust for the Humanities. Lester is a graduate of Davidson College, where he serves on the Board of Visitors. He is a Knight Fellow at the University of Miami School of Architecture.

Julia Starr Sanford
Founder and Architect
Board of Directors, New Urban Guild Foundation

Gil Lyons
Co-Founder, New Urbanist Developer and Senior Real Estate Executive

Bob Chapman
Co-Founder, New Urbanist Developer

Board of Directors
Galina Tachieva, Director of Town Planning, DPZ
Steve Mouzon, Traditional Architect, Founder of the New Urban Guild
Eric Moser, Traditional Architect
Dan Slone, Land Use and Environmental Defense Attorney
Joel Embry, New Urbanist Developer
Arvid Pedersen, Energy Efficiency Engineer
Lester Abberger, Governmental Affairs
Beau Frail, Academic Architecture
Wanda Mouzon, Biologist and Member of the New Urban Guild
David Brewer
, Scientist and Engineer
Josephine Brewer, Educator

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