Gil Lyons

As a co-founder of the Sky Institute, Gil brings 28 years of real estate business experience to the Institute. He has specialized in smart growth initiatives, new construction, planning and zoning issues, and real estate sales and marketing. In his real estate career, Gil has worked with agriculture land preservation transactions, workforce and affordable housing issues, traditional neighborhood developments, Farmland and Forest Land Assessment Act transactions, and as a proponent for the adaptive re-use of historically significant and functionally obsolete structures. He has a Degree in Biology from Gettysburg College. Gil is currently a member of the National Association of Realtors and the Congress for The New Urbanism. Gil is also a member of the NAR Green Resource Council, and holds the NAR Green Designation. Gil previously served with the Lancaster County Smart Growth Coalition, Housing Coalition, and Livable Community Task Force, as well as the Hourglass Foundation. Additional professional activities have included the creating and planning of Legacy Traditional Neighborhood communities on both Greenfield and Brownfield in-fill sites.

Julia Starr Sanford
Founder and Architect
Board of Directors, New Urban Guild Foundation

Gil Lyons
Co-Founder, New Urbanist Developer and Senior Real Estate Executive

Bob Chapman
Co-Founder, New Urbanist Developer

Board of Directors
Galina Tachieva, Director of Town Planning, DPZ
Steve Mouzon, Traditional Architect, Founder of the New Urban Guild
Eric Moser, Traditional Architect
Dan Slone, Land Use and Environmental Defense Attorney
Joel Embry, New Urbanist Developer
Arvid Pedersen, Energy Efficiency Engineer
Lester Abberger, Governmental Affairs
Beau Frail, Academic Architecture
Wanda Mouzon, Biologist and Member of the New Urban Guild
David Brewer
, Scientist and Engineer
Josephine Brewer, Educator

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