Eric Moser

Eric hails from rural Indiana. His early education from generations of farmer Scientists, Philosophers, and Innovators instilled a deep respect for the land. The vernacular building traditions became Eric’s passion, Architecture, his calling. After studying architecture at the University of Florida, Eric established his firm, Moser Design Group, Inc. in Beaufort, SC. Over the past 20 years, the firm’s primary mission has been the design and re-introduction of traditional architecture and building methodologies within the context of walkable mixed-use communities. Eric continues to research and test new building tectonics that replace the consumptive nature of throwaway buildings with more substantial, flexible buildings with sustainable materials, configurations and technologies that allow buildings to be built for the near term, and evolve for the long term. Eric is a frequent consultant across the United States for new and old towns, infill projects, hamlets, and neighborhoods. He collaborates with other professionals to plan, analyze and reintroduce historic local and regional building patterns. Eric is a member of the New Urban Guild and Congress for New Urbanism.

Julia Starr Sanford
Founder and Architect
Board of Directors, New Urban Guild Foundation

Gil Lyons
Co-Founder, New Urbanist Developer and Senior Real Estate Executive

Bob Chapman
Co-Founder, New Urbanist Developer

Board of Directors
Galina Tachieva, Director of Town Planning, DPZ
Steve Mouzon, Traditional Architect, Founder of the New Urban Guild
Eric Moser, Traditional Architect
Dan Slone, Land Use and Environmental Defense Attorney
Joel Embry, New Urbanist Developer
Arvid Pedersen, Energy Efficiency Engineer
Lester Abberger, Governmental Affairs
Beau Frail, Academic Architecture
Wanda Mouzon, Biologist and Member of the New Urban Guild
David Brewer
, Scientist and Engineer
Josephine Brewer, Educator

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